Many companies mistakenly believe that audits/inspections are the result of an employee complaint. While in many cases that may be true, the reality is that the New York Department of Labor, New Jersey Department of Labor and the United States Department of Labor (DOL) routinely perform random audits/inspections of companies (especially small businesses) to ensure compliance with wage and hour laws, minimum wage laws, overtime laws, recordkeeping laws, tip laws, sick leave laws (including the New Jersey Earned Sick Leave Law),  unemployment insurance laws, and to ensure proper classification status (e.g., independent contractor versus employee status, etc.). Companies that do not retain an audit attorney place themselves at a significant disadvantage before the audit/inspection has even begun. For example, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of Wage and Hour Compliance, routinely conducts audits/inspections in Bergen County at its 60 State Street location in Hackensack, New Jersey. During those audits/investigations, investigators become frustrated when they are not provided correct information/documentation and can assess administrative fees or even penalties against businesses.  Similarly, the United States Department of Labor conducts audits and inspections throughout New York City and New Jersey (including Passaic County, Bergen County, Morris County, and Essex County).  These company audits can occur without any warning and the initial conversations can directly affect the outcome of the employment audit.

Our Firm will analyze your business documents and information to ensure that your company provides only what is necessary to successfully complete the audit and more importantly, to minimize the businesses’ potential audit liability. Once the audit/inspection is complete, Salka Law LLC will work with your company to ensure that you will be prepared if and when the Department of Labor auditors return.  

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Retaining Salka Law LLC, an experienced Labor and Employment Firm, can be the difference between a successful employment audit/inspection and a costly one. Founding Partner Gregg H. Salka, Esq. has successfully handled countless audits in New Jersey (including Hackensack, Bergen County generally, and surround counties including Passaic County, Essex County, and Morris County, etc.) and New York / New York City for companies of all sizes.  Our employment audit attorneys have appeared before the New York Department of Labor, the New Jersey Department of Labor, and the United States Department of Labor. Contact Salka Law LLC today for a Free Legal Consultation concerning your Labor Department audit/inspection.