New Jersey, New York, and New York City all have specific laws mandating certain written disclosures/notices to employees.  An employment handbook with compliant policies is a key tool for your business to satisfy these requirements.  Salka Law LLC will draft these policies for your business, properly combine them into a well-organized employee handbook, and explain to you in clear language why those policies must (or should) be included in your employee handbook.  These policies will provide clarity to your employees about your business practices, but more importantly, will provide your business with possible defenses that it may use in case of an investigation, lawsuit, or DOL audit.  Seasoned attorney Gregg H. Salka, Esq. will then train your supervisors on proper implementation of your newly drafted employee handbook.

A common misconception is that using an outdated employment manual, or a handbook borrowed from the internet, is preferable to not having one at all.  In reality, companies that use employment handbooks from unknown origins may be opening themselves up to potential liability from current/former employees.  These lawsuits can arise under many different theories including but not limited to, contract law, federal law, or even the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination and New York Human Rights Laws.  In addition, with the recent uptick in sexual harassment or “#metoo” claims, the need for strong discrimination, harassment, and retaliation policies as part of a comprehensive employee handbook is more important than ever.  If you cannot remember the last time you updated your employee handbook (or do not have one), now is the time to take action.

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Companies that do not have legally compliant, updated handbooks are not only at a significant legal disadvantage, they are risking potential lawsuits that might otherwise be avoided.  Founding Partner Gregg H. Salka, Esq. has drafted hundreds of employer handbooks for small and large businesses in New Jersey (including Bergen County) and New York City.  Our Firm will analyze your existing policies and practices, ensure that your company is compliant with relevant state and federal laws (e.g., New Jersey’s Paid Sick Leave Act, New York’s Paid Sick Leave Law, the Family and Medical Leave Act, New York’s sexual harassment laws, etc.), and work with your company on the best method of timely rolling the employment handbook out to your employees and training them.  

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