Salka Law LLC efficiently handles all aspects of severance pay (also referred to as separation pay or termination pay), from full analysis and negotiation of severance/separation agreements to counseling on best practices and policies:

Severance/Separation Pay Analysis

  • Whether Severance/Separation Pay is Required
  • How Much Severance/Separation Pay is Required or Appropriate
  • Whether Severance/Separation Pay is Negotiable
  • Whether a Release of Claims is Required or Advisable
  • Whether a Severance/Separation Agreement is Necessary
  • Importance of a Severance/Separation Agreement
  • Effects of a Signed Severance/Separation Agreement

Severance/Separation Pay Negotiation

  • Direct Negotiation of Severance/Separation Agreements
  • Indirect Negotiation of Severance/Separation Agreements When Requested
  • Drafting of Severance/Separation Agreements
  • Revisions to Severance/Separation Agreements
  • Cost-Effective Assistance from Start to Finish

Severance/Separation Pay Counseling

  • Recommendations for Provisions and Terms in Severance/Separation Agreements
  • Risk Mitigation Counseling
  • Potential Claim Consideration
  • Strategic Solutions For Efficient Resolutions


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