Business owners often ask:

“Do I really need training for my employees?”
“Is training even required for my workers?”
“Why should we train our employees and what are the benefits?”

These questions (and their respective answers) validate the critical importance of human resources training.  The plain fact is that regardless of whether training is required, it is invaluable to the successful operation of a company.  In some jurisdictions like New York State and New York City, training is of course, mandatory.  For those jurisdictions, failing to offer proper and efficient training potentially exposes the company to unnecessary liability.  Similarly, offering training that is not interactive and/or engaging to employees provides little value to the business.

Even if training is not mandated by statute, companies of all sizes should strongly consider making annual training part of their practices.  Topics ranging from sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, Department of Labor audit (DOL investigation) avoidance, and more routine training such as handbook discussion, are all important parts of an employer’s compliance toolbox. 

Salka Law LLC routinely provides dynamic employment law and human resources training for its business clients and their staff.  From sensitivity training to sexual harassment training, whether Zoom or live, we will ensure your company is legally compliant.   

Let Gregg H. Salka, Esq. Train Your Workforce Today

New York City Employment Lawyer Gregg H. Salka, Esq. has performed training for groups as small as 3 and as large as 500.  In his career, Gregg has trained thousands of employees and managers on all  areas of employment law.  Contact Salka Law LLC today to discover how we can protect your business.