“Does my company really need a Human Resources attorney?”

“My business already has an HR Manager/Department, why do I need an employment law firm too?”

“We are not being sued, why should we hire an HR lawyer?”

“Can’t I just use my payroll company’s HR forms?”

These are just a few of the questions we commonly receive from businesses in New Jersey and New York – and for good reason; it is a very common misconception that HR lawyers are an unnecessary expenditure and that they are only needed when there is a lawsuit.  

The reality is that all companies (whether they have HR or not) can benefit from a seasoned HR lawyer who has “seen it all.”  For businesses without HR departments, Salka Law LLC provides a critical external resource for human resources advice and documentation.  For companies with on-site HR personnel and/or HR departments, Salka Law LLC reinforces (and fixes where necessary) the policies and practices which are already in place.  

For example, outdated employment handbooks and manuals that have not been properly vetted can actually be more dangerous than not having an employee handbook at all.  Voluminous employee contracts, with provisions which no one understands, can be the difference between a happy employee and a lawsuit. 

We will draft all of your legally compliant paperwork for onboarding your employees, including but not limited to, employment applications, advertisements, job descriptions, and offer letters.  We will draft an employee handbook, and if needed,  create employee guidebooks for hospitality and specialty industries.   No need to worry about compliant posters, notices, or legal updates – Salka Law LLC has you covered. 

Once your employees are onboarded, we are available around the clock for day-to-day Human Resources counseling.  Common legal questions that we answer every day include:

Can I fire an employee who is at-will for any reason?

Do I have to place an employee on a Performance Improvement Plan or warning before terminating them?

Is my employee handbook legally compliant?

Do my employees need to quarantine if they are exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual?

Do I have to offer and/or pay for maternity leave?  How do I handle sick leave?

How do I properly pay my independent contractors?  Do I have to pay overtime?

What do I do if my employee complains about sexual harassment?

… and much more.

Let Salka Law LLC Be Your Human Resources Law Firm

We provide cost-effective and prompt advice when your business needs it most. Contact Salka Law LLC today and let us educate your business on its human resources practices.